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Business cards are an extremely affordable but extremely useful means to keep your trucking firm’s name psychological of your customer. While they are not as high-tech as some marketing programs, they are suitable for a customer to have while offering your contact information in a tiny, simple-to-carry layout.

Business cards are not all produced equivalent, nevertheless, as well as you need to provide greater than just a brief factor to consider how you desire your cards to look. Getting the right mix of details and layout on the card to be attractive and legible while likewise leaving a guaranteed impression of your firm is truly a science.

First, before you also begin considering what you want on the card, take a while as well as browse through business cards. Seek concepts from the card creates that you like and also plan to integrate them into your card. You might find some concerns that you wish to avoid as well, which is similarly crucial. Your calling card does send out a message and also you need to make the effort to ensure it is the best one.


One of the largest mistakes that many individuals make on a calling card is to use a font style, or type, that is difficult to check out. This includes the fonts that look like cursive writing or those that are luxuriant or uncommon in the formation of letters and also numbers. While these typefaces are most definitely eye-catching and various, they may create problems for clients as well as lower the probability of the consumer passing on your card or maintaining it in their purse. Additionally, prevent utilizing numerous different fonts on the exact same card as this can develop a messy want to the card.

The shade of the typeface likewise makes a distinction. Black, blue and dark shades are normally simpler to see on a lot of backgrounds. If you are utilizing a white or light color for the card you can utilize lighter shades, simply see to it that it is very easy to check out. Generally prevent utilizing the “soft” colors or washed-out looking font shades as they are harder to see against a light or very dark history. You desire your contact information, business name, and business slogan to actually stand out, not mix into the general design.

Graphics as well as Photos

Many small trucking businesses don’t have a business logo or image, but you can always develop a unique design to utilize on your card. This could be a graphic that includes your trucking business name, your initials, or a business logo design. There are free programs or clip-art packages that enable you to do some fundamental design and develop a very expert-looking graphic even if you don’t have any kind of computer system experience.

One more choice is to use a picture as part of the business card layout. A terrific picture of your rig is optimal for marketing, yet you do have to decide where to place it on the card. You may also find that the little dimension of the card makes a full image of the truck, as well as the trailer also little too fact, see, which will in fact interfere with the total look.

You can make use of the back of the card as the picture of the vehicle and also place all your call info on the front. This is a wonderful alternative as well, and with the DIY online business card programs available, it is a straightforward procedure. This business might use scaled-down pictures of rigs that belong to the images, graphics, and also pictures that are offered with their design alternatives.

See to it that any kind of graphics or photos you utilize are not shielded by copyright or certificate from ELMENS. Normally if you are utilizing any images, graphics, or artwork on the web it is safeguarded unless suggested as “free for usage”.

Info about Your Business

It is very easy to put way too much info on a calling card which makes it look cluttered as well as amateur. Instead, go with just the fundamentals and also fundamentals. The card must display:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number, e-mail, or chosen contact info
  • The firm name and internet site address
  • Company address – if you have a collection organization place
  • Business slogan or a few words about your organization.

Business mottos or quick business details can assist clients and colleagues remember what you concentrate on carrying or what services you provide. Good examples of business slogans or service descriptions are:

  • Products hauling throughout the United States
  • Focusing on oilfield trucking solutions
  • Reefer and refrigeration trucking
  • We transport anything anywhere
  • In the trucking business for 25 years

Just keep the message short, to the point, and also particular regarding what makes your trucking business far better or various than the competition.

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Anthony A. Farmer