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Can you imagine living in a time before electricity? Before we harnessed the power of ‘lightning’ people would need to light candles so they could still see at night. Think of the number of scholars who sat slumped over a desk squinting as they wrote with their quill in the candlelight! While that sounds fun, it wouldn’t if that was a daily task.

Electricity benefits us all in one way or another. The conveniences we now partake of are mostly a result of that initial discovery. However, just because electricity has been used for a long time now doesn’t mean that it isn’t without risk.

Electricity has cost the lives of more than a few people since being implemented. That sad reality leads me to believe that not everyone has been fully briefed on what to avoid doing when it comes to an electric device. In this article, I will give you tips on what to avoid when it comes to electricity. Make sure you pass this information on to others. We can save lives here!

Never Use a Phone While it’s Charging

The sense of safety you may experience while using your smartphone isn’t real. When a smartphone is plugged into a wall socket, the phone is being exposed to the very same level of electricity that powers your entire house.

Electric wall sockets are designed to send out only enough energy to power whatever is at the end of it, which is why your phone doesn’t explode when you plug it in. However, if your home were to experience a power surge (a sudden increase in overall electric power being sent out), your phone would receive a massive jolt of electricity.

You’re probably aware that our skin is a great electric conductor which is why we sometimes experience electric shock if we accidentally ground ourselves. Well, consider that same feeling but with a hundred times more power involved. An unexpected power surge into your phone is not only enough to destroy your phone, but it is also enough to stop your heart or even burn your skin.

If you have your phone to your ear when this happens, it will kill you. We know this because of the unfortunate events in which this has already happened to people. So, please never use your phone while it is charging!

Never Attempt Electric Repairs Without the Proper Experience

Changing a lightbulb is one thing, and even that has caused people harm. If an appliance or electric device gets damaged, call an electrician. It is better to spend money on a professional than risk harming yourself.

There are many situations in which you need an electrician. Take the financial hit and keep yourself and anyone living with you safe!

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Anthony A. Farmer